Ethereum Mining Pool: Top 5 Pools You Want To Join

Ethereum Mining Pool: Top 5


After you have your Ethereum mining hardware set, you will need to decide what mining pool you want to join. In this article, we have listed the top 5 Ethereum mining pool as per the network hashrate. All you have to do now is share your power with other miners from all over the world.

Hashrate distribution of Ethereum mining poolsOctober (, October 2018)

1. Ethermine (Hashrate 25%)

Ethermine is known as the largest ethereum mining pool, making up more than 25% of the network’s hashrate. In addition, the etheremine pool has a very active mining community with over 95,000 members.

Main features:

  • Anonymous mining
  • Servers located in the US, EU, and Asia
  • Low mining fees – 1%
  • Great support
  • Unique payout scheme, customizing it on your personal preference
  • Accurate Hashrate reporting

2. Sparkpool (Hashrate 21.8%)

Mining servers located in China, the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. Also, Sparkpool had more than 19,000 active miners and known as the second largest ethereum mining pool. They offer daily payouts of a minimum 0.1ETH. However, if your unpaid balance is more than 0.01 ETH and you stop mining for at least 14 days, then the coin will still be paid to your wallet.

Main features:

  • Secure cold and hot wallet with a real-time payout
  • 1% fee
  • International global servers
  • Personalized 24/7 customer service

3. F2pool (Hashrate 12.7%)

Ethereum mining is only available in Chinese language only, although it now contributes to nearly 24% of all Hashrate. However, you could try Google translation to help you navigate through the context. Their mining servers are speared around Asia with great reliability.

4. Nanopool (Hashrate 11.4%)

Nanopool is known as the 4th largest ethereum mining pool per network hashrate, with over 50,000 miners. The interface is very simple where users can specify the threshold. Also known as one of the trusted platforms in the mining industry.

5. Mining pool hub (Hashrate 9%)

As per ethereum mining pool stats, mining pool hub generates about 9% of the hashrate on the ethereum network. They have their servers located in multiple locations worldwide, including Asia, Europe, and the US.